Interview Questions

I believe it is in your best interest to meet with no less than three agents when selling your home. Below please find a list of questions for you to select from which will aid you in the interview process. Some may pertain to your situation, while others you may have never considered and there are those that are elementary but useful. I hope you will find them to be beneficial and I would appreciate the opportunity to be one of your candidates for consideration.

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Should I sell before I buy?

Should I buy before I sell?

What happens if the buyer’s lender appraises my property for less than the purchase price of the contract?

I believe I owe more than what my home is worth, how do you handle that?

If a legal problem arises how can you help?

If my home does not sell right away should I rent it?

Do I need to be concerned with wire fraud?

Do you make recommendations for other independent professionals?

Have you handled the sale of rental properties? How does it work with tenants?

What is the best way to address point of sale inspections?


How should I handle disclosure issues?

I'm afraid with the issues that my home has that it won't sell, have you dealt with this before?

What should I do if my basement is wet/leaks?

What should I do if my basement has structural issues?

What should I do if I received notice from the sheriff of a sex offender moving in to my neighborhood?

I have a Federal Pacific electric panel should I replace it?

My yard ponds with heavy rain, is this a problem that needs to be disclosed?

There was a death in my home, does this need to be disclosed?

If my home sale fails due to inspection issues what follows? Should I turn over the inspection report to the next buyer?

What is the best way to avoid any issues with the new buyer after the sale?


How long have you been in the real estate business? What did you do before that?

How many transactions have you been responsible for in your career?

How many transactions have you been involved in, in the last 12 months?

How long have you been with your current company?

Can you please provide me with the names and phone numbers of three clients you have worked with recently for references?

Have you dealt with multiple offers? How many?

Have you dealt with escalation clauses? How many?


What is your basic strategy for marketing my home?

How is the market in my area?

If there are other similar homes in my neighborhood for sale should I wait to put mine on the market? Should I wait for a better market?

What should I do if my home needs work but I cannot afford to do it?

My home is very unique, does this decrease the chances of it selling?

Should I change paint colors and carpeting?

Should I stage my house?

I have an in-ground pool, does it make my home more or less desirable?

When my home has been up for a while without an offer what do you do to try to stimulate activity?

Where will my listing appear?

Do you have any gimmicks or things you do specific to market conditions?


What is your strategy on price?

Do you have ideas on attracting multiple offers?

How do you handle multiple offers?

What is an escalation clause? How do you handle escalation clauses?

Should I take the first offer?

Will I be asked to pay any of the buyer's costs?

Should I offer a home warranty?

Do certain types of financing cost me more as a seller?

Should I get involved with FHA/VA financing? Will I be responsible for lender required repairs?

Will I be responsible for repairs in general?

Should I consider a verbal offer or an offer that is sent via text or email?

Terms of Service

Should I attempt to sell myself?

Should I sell my home to an iBuyer?

I have a friend who may be interested in buying my home, how does that work?

Should I have an attorney review the paperwork? YES

How much is your commission?

Does your brokerage have a policy of charging additional commission?

How much are my selling expenses outside of commission?

Do you profit from other services involved with the sale of my home outside of the real estate commission? Are the costs competitive?

The home is in my name only but I am now married, do we both need to sign the paperwork?

How long is your listing contract? Why?

Can I review the listing paperwork?

If my home does not sell during your listing period will you extend the listing?

If I am unhappy with your service how do you handle that?

Will I speak with you directly throughout the term of service or be delegated to another representative at anytime?

How do you handle photography of my property?

How do you handle the written description of the property?

Are the details of the listing complete when you go live in the MLS or is it more important to just get it in the system and available?

How are showings handled? What about Covid-19 safety?

I have an alarm, should I arm it when we have the home up for sale?

What style of lockbox do you use?

Do you do open houses?

Will you show the property?