My Background

In March of 1989 I found my way into the residential real estate business and with the growth of the internet it became what I know and love today. I feel very fortunate to have found something that I seem to have been built for. I enjoy nearly all aspects of the business from problem solving to copywriting, systems to innovations, psychology to construction, negotiations to stigmas and every nook and cranny in between.

For the first part of my career I pounded the streets in sales, learning the critical details. In 1990 I bought my first computer and started getting involved with specialty software while waiting for the day that a digital camera would become affordable. I was eternally curious and constantly seeking answers to my unending questions.

I acquired my broker's license and on Monday, September 2, 2002 I opened the doors of my company, I.K.I.C.D.I., Inc. (I Knew I Could Do It) originally doing business as RE/MAX Pros and now as HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals. I set out to create an environment for real estate agents that I had longed for myself. As I grew the company I started to investigate solutions for helping the agents and our clients. I signed up with a couple of syndication companies to help market our listings online and after being let down, both my developer friend and I built a server and we syndicated our listings to 36 different online portals (Trulia & Zillow being two of them) and the system stayed in service for approximately 6 years. We were syndicating our listings long before any of the major brands or large independents.

As time went on we were first in our market to adopt the use of digital signatures and couple it with a 99% paperless environment. I was also challenged with different situations where I would be called in by my sales agents to help figure out why properties weren't selling and what to do when faced with different stigmas affecting property and between the attorneys at the Ohio Association of Realtors and our legal counsel we stayed up with the times, got the homes sold and kept our seller clients out of harms way. Lastly, I took unfamiliar approaches to certain market practices when we listed property that in many instances yielded greater results for our seller clients and found others along the way.

Speeding ahead to today, my company is smaller and I am now more active in listing and selling again. I am happy to be in this place and after being responsible for over 10,000 transactions, I am extremely proficient, have a keen sense of what sellers need and want and understand that our true value is keeping stress levels to a minimum while we help those we represent navigate the sale to closing.

I look forward to serving you in the sale of your home.

Thank you!

Brian Walsh